Helping your young person after a natural disaster


No two people will experience or respond to a natural disaster in the same way. The types of support a young person will need are different in the initial days, weeks and months following a natural disaster.

Family and friends play a vital role in supporting young people with their mental health.

Natural disasters

Understand common reactions your young person might have, and learn helpful tips for the days, weeks and months following exposure to a natural disaster.

Self-care for family & friends

It’s important to also look after yourself. Having good mental health and wellbeing helps you cope with life’s changes and better support those around you.

Understanding trauma

Learn about trauma, its possible impacts, and how you can support following a traumatic experience.

Mental health

Feeling concerned about your young person, and wondering if they could be experiencing a mental health issue? Learn more about mental health, signs that it may be impacting your young person and how to respond.

Information for young people

It's common to need support after being in or witnessing a natural disaster. Find information and resources for young people who may be coping with the stress of bushfires.

Hear the stories of people who experienced bushfires

Additional resources 

Resources for schools and health professionals