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If you are a young person aged between 12-25 and need information relating to general mental health, physical health, work & study and alcohol and other drugs, this section is designed for you.


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what you need to know about self harm

Self harm is when people deliberately hurt their bodies and is an issue that affects many young people.

what is psychosis & the effects on mental health

Psychosis can affect young people’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours. With treatment, people can and do recover.

what is anxiety & the effects on mental health

Anxiety is more than feeling stressed or worried. It can be tough to cope, but with the right support, things can get better.

what is an eating disorder?

Eating habits can change because of psychological reasons. This can impact every aspect of a young person’s life. Learn about how and where to get help.

what is depression?

Depression and feeling depressed is more than just sadness; it’s a combination of how we think, feel and behave.

what is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can affect a person’s ability to focus, pay attention and control impulses or restlessness. Whilst ADHD can impact a person’s ability to do everyday things like study and work, there are strategies and treat

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Explore what autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is, what its symptoms look like, how it impacts day to day living, and how to get the right support for managing it. Find out now.

the impact of trauma on mental health

Trauma can occur after an event that threatens your sense of safety, or the safety of someone you love. Learn more about it & the effects on mental health.