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We can still have fun without pushing our bodies too hard

Safe partying tips for young people

We can still have fun without pushing our bodies too hard.

Sleep, eat, get some down time and take care of yourself. If you choose to use alcohol and drugs, space them.

Set your own standards.

You might be faced with new opportunities and decisions at festivals. Don't just do something because everyone else is doing it, especially if you might regret it after.

Look after your friends

  • Don't leave anyone on their own.

  • Help your friends stay away from risky situations.

  • Arrange a meeting point so if you do get separated from your friends, you know where to go.

  • If you choose to use drugs, tell your friends what you have taken and how much. This makes it easier for the ambulance officers to help if you get into trouble.

Call 000 if anyone is passed out or in trouble. Paramedics don't need to involve the police.

Sex and drugs

When we are using substances and in a party environment, interest in and opportunities for sex can be more likely. Making sure you or someone else wants to have sex is called consent and it is an important part of staying safe. Mixing sex and drugs can make consent complicated.

  • Remember that your judgement may be impaired if you are drug affected.

  • Think about your limits- what you are and not okay with doing- before you use alcohol and drugs.

  • Have a friend watch out for you who knows your limits- and you do the same for them.

  • Don't leave your drink unwatched or take drugs from people you don’t know.

  • Only yes means yes. If you know that a person is incapable of giving their consent to have sex, stop straight away.

  • Be prepared and carry condoms/dental dams and lube.


It is impossible to know what drug you are taking.

To be completely safe, don't take it. If you choose to use any drug, try a little bit first to see if you have any side effects and so you can feel how strong the drug is

Don't mix your drugs.

Combining drugs can be unpredictable and dangerous. Mixing drugs makes it easier to overdose on smaller amounts and increases the risk of a bad experience.

Tips for parents of young people going to festival

  • Talk to your child about ways to keep safe at festivals (use safety tips above).  Be open about what situations they may encounter and how they can be prepared and keep safe.

  • Let them know they can call.  Your child needs to know they can call you, day or night, when they are in trouble and that you won't be angry at them.

Get professional support