Parent and Carer Events

As a parent and carer, it can be difficult to understand how to support your young person through this period of change and uncertainty whilst maintaining good mental health.



All Australians have had to adapt to major changes in the way we live, study and work due to coronavirus (COVID-19) which has challenged the mental health and wellbeing for many.

New South Wales headspace centres in partnership with headspace National are hosting a series of webinars for parents and carers supporting young people impacted by COVID-19.

Information provided in the webinar will:

  • Strengthen your understanding of mental health and the impacts of COVID-19

  • Build skills and strategies to support the mental health of your young person, including their transition to work and study

  • Build awareness of local, state and national supports available to young people

  • Showcase your local headspace centre community resources


Mental Health Education

headspace National is hosting free mental health education sessions in identified regions across New South Wales, for parents, carers and community members, on ways they can support their young person when they are concerned about their mental health.

This is a Department of Health NSW funded initiative and will be delivered online and face to face.

Information provided in the sessions will:

  • Strengthen your understanding of mental health and the warning signs for suicide and self-harm

  • Strengthen your understanding and skills in how to cope and where to find help

  • Build awareness of local services and the various support services available

  • Strengthen relationships between local area mental health services, local schools, headspace centres and other community organisations


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