Super Hero Training

SUPERHERO TRAINING (Because even hero’s need help sometimes)


Understanding and accepting myself (30 August)

It is not uncommon for people to feel uncertain about themselves at times but if we get into the habit of thinking negatively our sense of self-worth or self-esteem can be significantly impacted. This workshop looks at the different factors that could be impacting on your self-confidence, such as self-talk and body image, and promotes ways of establishing a more positive relationship with yourself through self-acceptance and selfcare.


Understanding my anger (6 September)

Things happen all the time that make us feel angry. You can’t avoid feeling angry but you can make choices about how you express and respond to your anger. This workshop introduces simple strategies that can help you to manage and respond to angry thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.


Sleeping well (13 September)

A good night’s sleep can do us a world of good! Not only does it allow your body to rest and repair itself but it also gives you fresh focus for the next day and promotes mental health and wellbeing. Bad habits reinforced over time (like staying up late and using your computer before bed) are often the cause of sleeping problems but you can dramatically improve your sleep quality by making a few minor adjustments to lifestyle and attitude. This workshop will support you to review your sleeping habits to help you get the most out of your sleep!


Mindfulness and relaxation (20 September)

Relaxation and mindfulness are important tools for mental health and wellbeing. They not only help us to destress, but can also give us a helpful space to put things into perspective. This workshop introduces some simple mindfulness and relaxation techniques which can help to reduce muscle tension and lessen the impacts of stress and worry on your mind.


Communicating with confidence (27 September)

Being able to communicate things that are important to us with skill and confidence is important for establishing and maintaining healthy and meaningful relationships as well as supporting our mental health and wellbeing. This workshop provides you with a space to reflect on and develop your communication style in a thoughtful and meaningful way.


Understanding my moods and anxiety (4 October)

We all feel down, sad or worried from time to time – it’s just a part of being human. When these feelings last for long periods of time though they can begin to impact on the quality of our lives and get in the way of doing the things that are important to us, like studying, working, or relationships with family and friends. This workshop offers approaches to understanding and responding to difficult feelings and experiences so that you can get the most out of life.


Exercise for wellbeing (11 October)

There is a tonne of research that supports the link between exercise and positive mental health and wellbeing. This workshop supports you to put together an exercise program that is fun and easy to maintain.


Problem-solving skills (18 October)

Problem-solving skills help us to navigate through difficult situations and resolve issues effectively. This workshop offers a framework to approach problems in a way that can help you to make positive changes.


Workshops will run Tuesdays from 4pm-5.30pm at headspace Rockingham, Unit 3/18 Goddard St Rockingham. You can register for an individual workshop (or all of them) by contacting headspace Rockingham on 6595 8888.