Life issues


06 Jun 2019

Friday 17 May was IDAHOBIT day - the international day against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. The Safe and Inclusive Schools initiative in the ACT hosted a leadership day for same sex attracted, gender diverse and intersex young people. 

Members of the headspace Queanbeyan Youth Reference Group delivered a workshop on a Self Care to 25 young people at this event.

Jenna, Kade, Pip and Tiana presented info on the importance of looking after yourself by eating well, getting enough sleep and getting some physical activity. Groups talked about the things they do to look after themselves (like hanging with mates, listening to music, playing sport, having a long shower, watching NETFLIX, getting creative, getting a massage, walking in the bush, gaming, and having chill time alone).

The YRG also talked about how getting to know what things stress us out can help us plan when we need more self care.