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Manage your Anxiety & Build Confidence - video series

Port Macquarie
01 Jun 2020

This series of online videos are based on our in house workshops facilitated by Therapeutic Facilitator Sara Phillips. They are a taste of what you learn in our face to face group, and help young people of all ages Build Confidence &  Manage Anxiety. 

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Manage Anxiety Part 1 Understanding Anxiety 

This video is a brief description of how anxiety works in your brain and body using the brain in the hand model.

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Build Confidence: Manage Anxiety Part 2

This video looks at some triggers of anxiety, when is anxiety useful and not useful, when to seek help and how to use an emotion thermometer to scale your anxiety and identify your triggers (events/thoughts) and potential strategies to use when your anxiety is 5/10, 7/10 or flipping the lid at 10/10. Next video part 3 will begin looking at strategies to manage anxiety.

Manage Anxiety Youtube Thumbnail Part 2


Build Confidence Manage Anxiety part 3

This video shares some simple strategies to manage your anxiety using your 5 senses and body awareness...the only hard part is remembering to use them! All these strategies help to bring your attention back to the present moment and calm your emotion mind down, activating your rest and digest relaxation system (as opposed to your fight/flight & freeze response) and help you to bring your thinking brain back online. The more you practice these strategies (brain training) the more effective they are and the easier it becomes to use them when you really need to calm down.... It's always about finding what works for you, being curious and experimenting, trying new strategies.

Manage Anxiety Youtube Thumbnail Part 3