Kindness Rocks Project



During Mental Health Month in October, headspace Orange will be distributing painted stones through out the town as a random act of kindness. The idea is to take a stone that has a meaning to you, give one to a friend or loved one, or leave one of your own creation for someone else to find.

The stones are painted with artworks, have kind words or supportive messages on them and will be decorated by our youth reference group, staff members, kaleidoscope group, and through three workshops dedicated to decorating the stones. The stones will then be placed all over Orange, with the hope that local business may also like to be involved  by leaving small donations of vouchers such as coffee cards with the stones. These can be left with us at headspace to distribute.

The first workshop will be held on the 27th of April from 11-2pm.  We are delighted to welcome artist Cheree Stokes to the workshop to teach us indigenous dot painting.

Bookings for this workshop are essential and spaces are limited.

If you would like to create your own stones, we are hoping to add our insta tag @headspaceorange to the reverse of the rocks for people to add photos of them to their social media streams as they find them. Once you have completed them they can be left at our office.

Contact Sharna Lord for more information on 0428 299 158 or email