Back to School

08 Jan 2019

This month, young people across the Orange community are starting (or returning) to secondary school.

For some students, the return to school is relatively easy transition; however headspace Orange recognises that for others, this period can be a time of increased stress and anxiety.

Sharna Lord, headspace Orange Community Engagement Coordinator, says it’s important to understand that being a high school student can be especially hard for some.

“Young people are still learning how to cope with and manage stress. Some young people may find it difficult to navigate the pressures of school work, extra-curricular demands, grades and friendship issues. Throw into the mix other social concerns like bullying and peer pressure and it’s understandable why it can be a tough time.”

To equip young people with tools and life-long skills to help them maintain a mentally healthy mind, headspace Orange host a variety of early intervention workshops and groups.

“We have programs that teach mindfulness and anger management, coping mechanisms for the early stages of anxiety and depression, plus we have social groups like the Gaming Group, our LGBTIQA+ group and much more.”

The team at headspace Orange are available to help young people through periods of stress and encourage young people to keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates about groups and workshops.

“We work with young people in our Youth Reference Group who help us to understand what challenges young people are facing in the community and how we can play a part to support them.”

For more information about how headspace can help you back to school, call the team on 6369 9300, visit their Facebook page or stop by the centre at 264 Peisley Street Orange.