Youth Reference Group project comes to life – Get Work Ready Group!


Youth Reference Group project comes to life – Get Work Ready Group!

In November 2016, headspace Miranda’s Youth Reference Group annual community project came to life – a Get Work Ready Group program was delivered free to local young people. The overall purpose of the Group was to build confidence and skills in job seeking and to provide information to support young people in transitioning from education to the workforce.

This program was an initiative of the Youth Reference Group, who had identified there was a need to support young people entering the workforce, to make their transition easier and prepare them for adapting to the work environment. The members worked hard through the year to plan and develop the project by:

  • Contributing to the content outline and scope
  • Reviewing and editing the group content
  • Developing and reviewing evaluation tools
  • Promoting the program through their personal networks
  • Participating in the program

The Group program was delivered over 4 weeks in November by headspace Miranda staff and Community Mental Health staff at Sutherland Hospital.

The program covered:

  • Identifying skills and strengths for the workforce
  • Writing a resume and cover letter
  • Cold calling and interviews
  • Keeping a work life balance

We received positive feedback from many of the group participants that found the group useful in helping them prepare for starting work. "I feel as if I am better prepared to look for work and I feel less anxiety towards starting the process."

Our survey results found that

  • All of the participants stated that they found the program either ‘good’ or ‘awesome’.
  • 83% said ‘a lot or ‘so so much’ when asked if the program was interesting and easy to listen to.
  • When asked if they had learnt something new, 67% said either ‘a lot’ or ‘so so much’.
  • All participants said they would recommend the program to a friend.
  • All participants were able to provide examples of something new or useful that they had learnt that met the program aims.

A special thanks and congratulations to our Youth Reference Group for all of their efforts throughout the year and the young people that participated and attended the group! We’d also like to thank the Community Mental Health team at Sutherland Hospital for partnering with headspace Miranda on the program.