Yarnsafe Launch 2015

headspace Maitland launched the second phase of the Yarn Safe campaign at a cultural event on 27th of October that celebrated the first-year results of its youth-led national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth mental health initiative. The night included dancers from the Wakakulang and Immi-Wonna-Roi dance groups, art workshops run by local Aboriginal artist George Williams and bush tukka catering by Buudja Marrung Catering and Culture Education. We were also privileged to have Lesley Elvin to unveil the last artworks produced through a series of workshops run by her father Uncle Les Elvin before his passing.

Below are a couple of photos from the night taken by Youth Reference Group Member Kate McIntyre:

IMG 5159

IMG 5149

IMG 5138

IMG 5136

IMG 5121 1

IMG 5115 1

IMG 5114