Reach Crew

Reach crew applications are open now (until October 26) and Reach are on the search for inspired and inspiring young people (16-20 years old) to be the next generation of game changers. Reach has hubs in Victoria (Melbourne) and NSW (Sydney and Hunter Valley) where they train crew to be the best they can be so they can then support and inspire Reach workshop participants to be the best they can be.

They’ll learn heaps of tangible work and life skills as well as go on a big journey of self-discovery. Reach thinks it’s probably the best training and volunteering opportunity around.

Reach are looking for a specific kind of person to add to our crew team – someone who is DYNAMIC, ENERGETIC and CHARISMATIC who may INSPIRE, INFLUENCE and/or LEAD their peers through sport, drama, music, or just being the person that gets others motivated.

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