Push-Up Challenge 2021



headspace Maitland participated in this year’s Push-Up Challenge! Between June 1 – June 25 2021, the goal was for each team, individual or community to complete 3, 318 push-ups in total; the number of push-ups is the amount of people Australia lost to suicide in 2019. It was amazing to see that we had 128 legends completing 185, 472 push-ups!!

Schools rallied, workplaces got involved, people of all ages pushed for better mental health. Positive mental health awareness was raised throughout metropolitan cities and small rural areas. Push-ups were done in the garden, on the park, underwater, in the desert and in the snow. In total, over 240 million push-ups were completed. Absolutely incredible.

Vikki, Lauren and Carrie pushing for better mental health in the Hunter

The event was an amazing opportunity to work on our own mental and physical wellbeing and to get people working together to help push for mental health. Since 2017, this event has had over 200,000 participants, 173 million push-ups have been done and over $7.5 million has been raised for mental health and suicide prevention.

Each day, we learnt about mental health as the push-up target relates to a vital mental health statistic in Australia. Whether it was a push-up, squat, sit-up, lunge – you bet we did it!

headspace Maitland Staff taking 5 to push-up

We are incredibly proud to say that headspace has again been chosen as one of the fundraising partners, as well as Lifeline and The Push For Better Foundation. This year, our dedicated community kindly donated $13, 517 towards our centre in helping us continue to support young people aged 12-25 in the Hunter region.

Dungog High School’s ‘Yeah the Boys’ team raised a whopping $10, 908 towards our centre, ranking 24th highest fundraisers in the country!!!! 


Yeah The Boys Team from Dungog High School