Tuning Into Teens

We're super excited to announce that we're running the Tuning Into Teens program at headspace Goulburn!


We understand that parenting can be a challenge at times, so would you like to learn how to:
•communicate more effectively with your teen?
•understand your teen better?
•help your teen to manage those difficult emotions?
•help to prevent behavioural issues in your teen?
•teach your teen how to deal with conflict more effectively?


Tuning into Teens shows you how to help your teen to develop emotional intelligence. Research shows teens with higher emotional intelligence:
•have more stable and satisfying relationships as adults,
•are able to deal with peer pressure better,
•are more able to cope positively when upset or angry,
•have fewer mental health issues and
•substance abuse difficulties.


Tuning into Teens is a free program. Please contact the office on 02 4824 4944 for information regarding dates and times.

Registrations are essential.