Meet Danny - our EP star of the term!

My Name is Danny and I’m 24 years old.

As a young adolescent I developed a heavy dependency on a cocktail of drugs. When I stopped, that was only the beginning, over the years I deteriorated heaps physically and mentally.Danny with certificate

When I stopped I was really brittle and in pain, I had no energy to do anything and I used to just lie on the couch all day isolated. My mental state made it even harder to try change as well. I had no motivation or self-esteem to be productive.

I started working with a case worker at headspace and throughout my recovery I found out I had diabetes, fatty liver and high cholesterol. Now exercise was critical. So I was left with a choice, either go back to my old ways and deteriorate more or overcome these obstacles.

My case manager suggested I speak to the exercise physiologist at headspace, I hesitated at first but I did it. She got me to attend the ‘move your body’ sessions once a week to start off and so I did. I don’t know why but I think she saw potential in me because she used to work me extra hard. The others that did the session with me said she doesn’t usually train us that hard.

Danny In Gym2At first the exercise felt like torture but I realised over the years I’d been no stranger to pain. This was not only a physical challenge, it was also a mental challenge. So I continued doing ‘Move your body’ and started adding some days of playing basketball with my friend, but my goal was to gym a minimum of three times a week on top of playing basketball. I set my standards high as the exercise was giving me confidence and self-esteem.

I now do gym every two days independently and in between play basketball with my friends and run around heaps. I’ve never felt so good in my life, I’ve been in better shape before but never felt so healthy and strong. I no longer do headmiles as the energy burnt from the exercise also stabilises my head. My energy levels are now high, my sugar levels are in control and I just feel really good about myself, my self-esteem and confidence is high and I can keep up with my super energetic kids ages 6 and 4.

So physical exercise has helped me Medicine Ballovercome these barriers in my life I feel good within myself physically and mentally. My health is only improving, even my social skills and connecting is strong as I’m now confident and have good self-esteem. I am working a strong recovery program and starting to build a real life clean and healthy and now started to look for work. I now have the confidence to challenge myself, and all this started with my case worker, EP, ‘Move your body’ and physical exercise.