Youth Reference Group Project: Promotion of visiting services

2016 YRG

headspace Bathurst Youth Reference Group have kicked off 2016 with a project that aims to raise awareness of the different visiting services young people can access at our centre. The new promotional material is available in poster form as a pdf file or as a jpeg file that can be included in school newsletters or posted on facebook pages. This project aims to increase the number of young people using these services whilst also raising awareness of headspace as a holistic health service; a place where young people can access a range of health services that support their wellbeing. headspace Bathurst Youth Reference Group believes this is one way we can bust through some of the barriers that get in the way of young people accessing our services. We'd love it if you could help us share this information around! If you'd like to be emailed digital versions of these posters or would prefer to pick up some printed copies please feel free to email or call 6338 1100.

You can find links to these files below.

GP Services - Dr Tim - pdf / jpeg

Drug and Alcohol Counsellor: Karla: pdf / jpeg

Financial Advisor: Edward: pdf  / jpeg

Women's Health Nurse: Lisa: pdf / jpeg

 Visiting Services: pdf / jpeg