Psychologist: Ben George


Tell us a little about the work you do with young people at headspace?

I work with young people that might be experiencing difficulties in one more areas of their life. This might include their mental health or other life issues such as relationship difficulties or difficulties identifying and/or working towards life goals. In short, the young person and I work together to ensure their psychological health and well-being.

If you had a super power what would it be?

Hmm... There are a few, I could go for a righteous answer like the ability to heal etc. but not overly original so I won’t! I think the ability to pause time would be pretty useful. For starters I wouldn't have just used up 20 minutes trying to think of a cool superpower. I could just pause time, scour the internet for as long as it took to come up with the perfect answer then un-pause and presto! I come up with the most awesome answer in literally no time at all! (Yes… I used that power for this answer).

How do you look after your headspace?

Being able to spend time with, or discuss concerns with family or friends, having interests away from work such as cricket and soccer and working towards life goals are all helpful with looking after my own headspace.

How would you approach a friend if you were worried about them?

I find that the most effective way is to just ask them. This can be difficult if you are not use to asking others how they are “really” going. Practicing asking them in front of a mirror can be helpful, however I would probably do this when you are alone….as you will probably get someone ask you “Erm.. Are you OK?” if they catch you talking to yourself in front of a mirror.