hYLITE Centre: Mentor profile: Pierrick


Tell us a little about why you decided to become a hYLITE mentor?

As a fourth year Psychology student I’m almost at the end of my degree, so I will need to look for a job soon. The hYLITE Program for Mentors is not only good work experience in a psychology related field, which most employers will be looking for. It is also a good opportunity for me to identify potential areas I would enjoy working in, as the psychology profession is so vast.

What is a day at headspace like for you?

I volunteer at headspace each Monday and Tuesday. While I am there I help students with their school work as well as promote a safe and interactive environment between students and mentors, where we play indoor and outdoor games.

How do you look after your mental health?

I find that playing team sports like soccer help me stay both physically and mentally health. Not only is it good exercise, it also helps me build friendships with people who I can talk to if I ever feel down.

What is your preferred way of approaching a friend in need who looks sad or down?

I like using games, either cards, video or just throwing a ball outside with that friend and asking “how are you going?” This gives them control over how much they want to talk about, as they can always focus back on the game if they don’t want to talk anymore, In this way they don’t feel trapped or cornered into talking, which can sometimes make people defensive.