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  • Taylah, 14, VIC

    Steps to getting better

    Although life is still stressful and things are still going wrong - it's great to know I can come online and chat to someone and get support. I find it easy because I have not actually seen this person and probably never will do.

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  • Brittney, 19, QLD

    Anxiety and Future Doubts

    It was really great to be able to tell someone all of my issues, while feeling totally heard and validated. I was having issues with anxiety, depression and figuring out future career options, and the person that I spoke with was very attentive and made sure that I felt understood...

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  • Lianna, 12, SA

    Sad and Confused

    It's really been helping me to have someone to talk to and I am starting to feel better. I was provided with some great websites and advice and I haven't recovered yet but I feel like I'm on my way.

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  • Sarah, 12, QLD

    Thanks so much

    Eheadspace helped me find myself and get my life back together. Hopefully this will help you too. :-D

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  • Jay, 15, VIC

    Thanks guys

    I have been worried sick about going and seeing someone. The eheadspace team helped me to talk to my mum about going and seeing someone. I was so scared that I was thinking of ways to avoid the session at my local headspace centre. Thanks guys it means heaps.

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  • Ash, 15, TAS


    I was struggling a lot with school, family, friends, relationships and sexuality when i first started seeing a psychologist but she was only available for appointments every 3 weeks or so, so i started talking to eheadspace...

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  • Amy, 14, NSW

    Thank you x

    Hi, I would just like to say thank you for helping me through the tough times. You've been a real help :)

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  • Madison, 15, NSW

    Changed everything for me

    Thank you headspace, so very much. When I needed help with things but couldn't go to anybody they helped me with my stuttering and slurring of words and helped me get back on track. Its now been weeks since I couldn't speak properly or since I couldn't connect words and...

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  • ady, 15, VIC


    its a few months now that i have been chatting to headspace online and through emails. headspace have really helped me out with family problems, when i felt like it was all getting too much and every day was just another fight, another family war about to begin again.

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