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  • Emma, 21, VIC

    Lost and didn't know where to start

    I was feeling insecure, useless and that life was floating by while I was clouded with negative thoughts and expectations for failure. I came online to just ask for some ideas of where to start and the response was simple and so clear and I feel like I now can...

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  • Emma, 15, NSW

    Online counselling

    eheadspace helped me so much with online counselling. I feel supported. I am so greatful that eheadspace was able to help me!

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  • Jay, 15, VIC

    Thanks guys

    I have been worried sick about going and seeing someone. The eheadspace team helped me to talk to my mum about going and seeing someone. I was so scared that I was thinking of ways to avoid the session at my local headspace centre. Thanks guys it means heaps.

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  • Tahlia, 12, VIC

    Tough times!

    eheadspace helped me through some problems at school as I have been bullied and my "friends" were mean to me. I also had some problems with my family and they helped me find solutions. The best thing is to talk to an adult, so if you know someone or you...

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  • Rose, NSW

    Thank you

    My daughter picked up a brochure about Headspace at her school on how to help a friend, who was self harming. With this information she was able to talk to her friend and knew she had to share this with me (her mum).

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  • Kaitlyn, 22, WA

    Thanks a bunch

    I've been struggling for a long time, eheadspace has been there for me for some of that time. I can honestly say that eheadspace has made a difference. My counsellor worked with me and my face to face supports to help me in a really tough time.

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  • Liam, 17, NSW

    It helped

    I've been feeling sad for the last few days and had no clue what to do. But I feel like eheadspace has pointed me in the right direction. Thank you :)

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  • Anna, 15, VIC

    Brought back to life

    eheadspace is amazing I wouldn't be here without it. I was going through a really tough time regarding family issues, bullying and self harm but then I found eheadspace and it helped me so so much andI now look at the world in a different, brighter way and it's just...

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  • Emma-Jean, 21, NSW

    Thank you

    I just finished my live chat with eheadspace online and it was a fantastic chat and such a great medium. The clinician was empathetic, knowledgable and full of great advice. I felt like she truly was interested in what was going on for me and gave me some great directions...

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  • Steph, 21, NSW

    Confused and insecure

    I struggled with anxiety and feeling depressed all the time.. I was struggling with insecurities and a lack of support... I didnt know who to turn to and then I found eheadspace... And I must say thatthey have helped me so much and made me believe in myself more...

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