concession discounts you might not realise you can get

10 Sep 2018
Did you know a concession card could save you money?
If you’re on a concession, you probably know that you can get cheaper movie tickets and discount public transport. But did you know that you might be eligible for a whole bunch of other stuff? If you feel stress around money, saving a bit here and there could help you feel more relaxed.

Find out more about the different ways you might be eligible for a concession card, and some of the stuff that could provide

What’s a concession card?

A concession card is a card that people from specific groups can get from the government to show that they're eligible for certain services and discount, or "concessions".

In Australia, there are different reasons why might be eligible for concessions. You normally need to show a concession card to prove you can get the discount. There are different types of concession cards, but most common ones for young people are:

  • Low income healthcare cards
  • Healthcare cards

Can I get a concession card?

It’s different from state to state, and you have to check with Centrelink to know for sure. But you might be able to get a concession card if:

  • you’re a full-time student
  • you don’t have a job at the moment
  • you make less than a certain amount of money
  • you’re on a disability pension
  • you've been a carer.

What discounts can I get?

Paying the bills

Does flicking on the air con or heater make you worry about your bank balance? You might be able to get money back on your water, gas and power bills.

Getting around

Most states offer cheaper public transport for students and people with other concessions. Just remember to keep your concession card on you so you can show it to inspectors.

Mental and physical health

One of the biggest advantages of being on a concession is cheaper doctors' visits and medicine. You might be able to pay less for things like:

  • Dentists
  • Optometrists
  • Ambulance transport

You also might be able to get up to ten free counselling sessions a year if you get a mental healthcare plan and go to a psychologist who bulk bills.

How do I get on concession?

Check out Centrelink’s info about concessions in your state. Phone and in-person waits can be really long, so it’s a good idea to find out as much as you can on their website. You might even be able to apply online.