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heidi, 17, discusses bullying

31 Aug 2018
I was one of 4 girls in our group of friends. I didn't realise until the end of year 10, but my 'best friend' who I always confided in, not only bitched about me behind my back, but was out to sabotage my relationships.

I started dating this guy from another school that was in love with me at the start of year 10. Somehow, he started hearing rumours about me going into the school toilets with guys and "getting up to stuff". Around the same time, a girl from my primary school that went to his school moved to my school and joined my group. Eventually, I found out this girl was making up all the rumours and I stopped talking to her, about then my 'best friend' became close to this girl and ditched me for her on several occasions, but I kept forgiving her. On my sixteenth birthday, my boyfriend told me he heard I was cheating on him. I found out my 'best friend' made it up. When I confronted her about it, she told me she really liked my boyfriend and didn't want to see him get hurt because of me. I left my group because the rest of the girls just followed what my 'best friend' did.

After that, I would sit up almost every night crying because i had given up my "whole life" and i felt empty inside. Now I have moved to a senior school and have made new friends who are as open with me as i am with them. I see my old friends occasionally and we maintain a “hi-bye "relationship. I'm glad I made that change, she was a bad influence anyway.